lung-tissue. The pneumonia, so fatal in some trades,
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article on "Chronic Polycythemia with Enlarged Spleen (Vaquez's Disease),
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ance, little speech, but good adjustment to ordinary
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Most surgeons would not call this erysipelas, but in
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school seniors received tuberculin skin tests and chest
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head, and the "Introduction" (about seven pages) is the only reminder
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that at about the age of thirty-five years, his mind was so much
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Sd. The phenomena themselves, standing alone, do not sancUon
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sclerema. This feeling, joined to the powerlessness of muscles
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eighteen inches square, the edges of which were folded
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Hewitt, M.D. Lond., F.R.C.P., Professor of Midwifery nj^
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(Ill) Cases which were diagnosed as dysentery on clinical grounds,
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pus. The complication is a serious one because it usually occurs in
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other powerful emotion. Dr Chambers mentions the case of a girl, a
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tional points of interest may be noticed. The appearance of
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The proximate analyses of the blood up to this time, have been made
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Treatment. — Tonics like iron, arsenic, and cod-liver oil
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Article 1st. This Society shall be known by the name of the Con-