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first be called upon to act by two ratepayers. He also proposed

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treatment, non-surgical, those breasts were soon reduced to the normal

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T. Teillaris (Annal de Oculistique 1886) cites four cases

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Doctor Heinen reported that the committee had met the

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crutches, and possessed of good hmbs ; one compound fracture of the tibia,

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may be seen from some of the figures which it publishes, indi-

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a definition of efficiency "production which secures a

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In one case acute and general dissemination had oc-

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recurrence of sudden starts ; eyes inflamed, watery and insensible ; features

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That she acknowledged a fondness for another man — had only married Simp-

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denned, andsometimes more intense in the neighbourhood of thescar (right frontal region);

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the working of the Contagious Diseases Act as regards the

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of its own : it is heavier and clumsier. But I think we are coming

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+ Refrain from automated querying Do not send automated queries of any sort to Google's system: If you are conducting research on machine

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frequently causes, not only considerable suffering to the child by prevent-

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tural disintegration ; that they vary in their phenomena in.

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served. The nucleus of the latter surrounded with a small

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may be limited to one side of the former, in which case there is a de-

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■ F. Bozzi : Beitra^ zar Wurdigung der Medlkam«Dt'Js«D Selfeo

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large lump appeared over site of injury ; 6 mos. L. arm numb and weak, followed by

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the temperature rises to 104°, and the pulse becomes small, hard, and

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marked after the ingestion of stimulating articles of food or drink, and when,

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to be convinced that the ecchymoses were of a spontaneous nature in

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Ventrifixation is quite obsolete, and ventrosuspension is rarely done,

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fications, shall [)resent evidence of them from a body designated

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filling up the ring. The patient presented the facies charac-

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scribed by a changing and irresponsible fashion, that is dictated to a

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tubercular enteritis and peritonitis, ^^-ith swelling (probably always secondary) of the

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death ensues almost instantaneously. Hence this portion of the nervous

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"an inducement for persons to apply for Medical Relief, if they found

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were nulliparae. Of the latter only three presented any morbid

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Compt. rend. Acail. d. sc.. Par.. 1856, xliii. 1118.5 — de Iflel-

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Fifteen per cent gelatin in water, ^ood growth, yellow color in gelatin; lique-

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or swollen condition of the lining membrane of the small bile