breathing accelerated, oppressed, or even labored, and the patient very

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checked, the metamorphosis and elimination of the lactic acid are

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of an ordinar}^ inflammation without any unusual peculiarities. Its

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cause of the individual paroxysm is, in the great majority of cases, exposure to

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with gross diseases of the nervous system ; and this opinion receives

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lieves slight congestion of the brain by drawing the blood away


teachings respecting its sanitary use. Fashion is often averse to the

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which he can avert by the use of sure means and methods, even in

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Chloral may be used, it there are no signs of heart failure, in doses of

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about the limb will give a comfortable feeling of support, and will

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overtaxed brain, equalize the circulation, invigorate the system and

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operation of certain blood corpuscles. Basing his argument on these

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tion of his disease. The liver most frequently exhibits the aj^pear-