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distended. The hands are cold and cyanotic ; the fingers are club-shaped.

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presence of minute worm-like threads of mucus, visible to the

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be furnished to the governors of the various States, for transmission to the

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ment was adopted, hut the case was evidently hopeless.

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fistulae, in consequence of abscesses by congestion

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* Total Performance is based on the initial testing of the random patients group.

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The communication was discussed by Drs. Gray, Mills,

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years of training may be wasted, and life may have to be recommenced

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In two other cases than those mentioned the appendix

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relates a case of the impaction of a bit of a pipe-stem

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column nuclei*. The sensory loss was not very definite. He once performed

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Dinner to F'oreign Medical Editors. — The Association

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vote, which with the report, was unanimously approved by the

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left a fortune of £80,000; yet he strove to banish "all thoughts,"

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rapid disappearance of the eruption in from two to four weeks, but

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