demonstrated that the elevation of temperature in a part remote
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narrow, it will he necessary to perform laparotomy, in which
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he may be momentarily aroused ; and stupor, a condition in which, with
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Numerous drugs may cause acute nephritis, especially those which are
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them that way. We do not take any parts out at alL As a rule, we
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Those who have had the confluent smallpox, I find have never been vacci-
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several procedures. He may seek for the wound by direct
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pints of urine daily, without sugar or albumen, marked by great
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of tlie female pelvic organs were found to follow a first pregnancy,
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HYSTERIA. — As a disorder of the nervous system it is
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of the kidneys, without producing uraamic symptoms.
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bable that there is a centre which, when excited, increases
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shortly afterwards another of the crew. In consequence of these
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all the different forms of tetanus; but in systematic
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lution, notably at Tientsin, Canton, Nanchang, and Wuchang, but
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excluded. A definite diagnosis should be made before
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may be present. Optic atrophy is not uncommon. A'^arious palsies of the
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matic pleuritis, in certain cases characterized by the instinctive arrest of
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