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solution of chloride of sodium, a saturated solution of the same*

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the new regulation which was published in the Gazette of

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Brunton's Action of Medicine, American Text-Book of Therapeutics, Mitchell Bruce's

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changes by the formation of iatty acids and thus to become irritating

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and with the concurrence of my colleague, Dr. Jas. 11.

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Has headache, tinnitus aurium, and muscse volitantes. Feels sick and giddy on

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quainted with that depaitment on which he will be required to disrourse.

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stage of fatty degeneration. She died the same evening.

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to the authorities on the subject-matter, are valuable.

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and I can vouch that their education is very complete. I think

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E. H. Ruddock, M.D., — Dr. Ruddock is spending a few weeks in America.

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The President put this motion, and it was carried amid

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Dyke Carter, and others have produced the disease in monkeys by inocula-

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source. These amounts have been deposited with the state