there were six new cases of yellow fever, and no deaths.
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possible eflFects of the application of tiie X-rays, the Roentgen, or
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symptoms suspected to be seated in that part, were most hkely
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ladotliiSneutferie. ITuion med., P;ir., 1884, 3. s., xxxviii, 1081-
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A large number of these cases show a characteristic curve, which
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these districts to improve their yards, when their spring
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Verneuil ct Merklen : Manifestations cutanees du paludisme. Annales de
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ing in machine," must pass through two dust separators, the first of which
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into the form of a ball, and bury themselves under ground, or
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approached normal having little or no dyspnea even with moderate
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parallel in both cases; i.e., always with a characteristic fall preceding
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growth is norm:illy present. On the other hand, there are
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Dr. Cranch's " Study of Certain Drugs Causing Cyanosis," this
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tion. Tlu-re is no crepitation upon pressure in these
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operation. Most of the cases required a light gauze drain pro-
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1976, and took the following action on specific items:
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degree, constituting the holder a physi- required by the Society of Apothecaries :
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of the clinical symptoms observed, not including even
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once distinctly present ; this fact seems to show that
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vation. It will readily be seen how beneficial this lavage would be,
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Ed Smith, Chairman of the AMA Auxiliary Legislative Com-