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Under toxic causes may be included impoverishment of the blood.
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tion of digitalis in small dose, 0.10 gm. (gr. iss.), makes its
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tion twelve to fifteen minutes. It should be insisted that the patient
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the pain begins as a feeling of weight, or as of pins and needles, or
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abnormal in all leads. The Q, R, S time is prolonged ; P-R time normal.
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Survey on the same scale. On comparing the low mortalitj^ groups of
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of Kugby, was awakened from his sleep in his first attack, which
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the action of the heart is weak and slow ; in exophthalmic goitre the
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blood finds issue through two orifices. Eichhorst and Fleischer
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Symptoms. — The heart thrombus is usually latent and is disclosed