secretions would favor the development of certain micro-organ-

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severe. The rains begin in September or October ; and when they are well set

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•other, a woman aged 30, is an extremely mild case. She had

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of nitrogenous retention have been for some years the subject of

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delaying too long. He remembered being called to a twin case,

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from tiat of the surrounding parts. The patient remained for two or

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the lovers of nature and truth. ''Confident, however, that all

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you find, in that small sebaceous cylinder, several animalcule, ex-

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To work out these problems was a most difficult task.

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tip of the hallux was half an inch less than that of the other foot ; from

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Note on the male organs of the eel. Bull. U. S. Fish Com.,

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urine, high colored, or tinged with blood, or showing, by readine.-s to

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Dr. Syme showed a patient whose larynx he had removed

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may be due to a refractive error or a loss of muscle l)alance.

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for its performance ; its adaptability to every por-

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more fatal almost everywhere else than in Paris itself. Almost at the gates

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sent. M. Lagneau shoAved also that poverty and insufficient

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might as readily be associated with any other malady, especially in already

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Case 8. Chas. Housman, Co. B, 121st Pa. Yols., aged 33 years, was ad-

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stages of segmentation and finally divided into numerous

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most cases it is due to a hsemorrhagic exudation into the lumen of the

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to the absorption of coloured particles from the spleen. The

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nuria can be produced by a fatty and albuminous diet.

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may appear to be, it is ad^asable to c^^efully study it as it ^

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utmost caution. But there are certain salts, particularly

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have indicated. Then there are also many cases of neurasthenic

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but is rather specific in character, exerting its destructive in-

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fering with scarlet fever complicated with a diphtheric sor«