1875 Page, Herbert W., M.C, M.B., 146, Harley Street, W. (C. 1882-4,
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who has had little experience with the disease. First, every infant under
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development of children during school age, and a closer view of what
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(1) the normal blood-trypanosomes ; (2) a long crithidial foiTa ; (3) a
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precipitate, which is redissolved ; an excess of iodine water causes a ^yel lows
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stomach,t says that most cases are diagnosed as cancerous
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In Xovember, 1909, he assisted at a fire, became thoroughly wet, changed
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stated in the preface to contain almost verbatim the course of
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numbness, etc., goes. This has happened several times. Dr.
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knees was normal. Case III. was recognized as a case of amyo-
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scientific to prevent a disease than to cure it. And I dare
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This is the first book in our language the operation, but none after that. The
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right Corpus Striatum — Softening of Pons Varolii — Clot obstructing
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of Rio de Janeiro, has recently sent a communication
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is very common, and not infrequently determines the fatal issue. It is
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5. Carnot, P., and Foumler, L. : Becherches aur le pnenmocoque
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that, as Coupland states in Allchin's " System of Medicine," quite
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from or were peculiar to the hot weather of summer. Heat
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deaths from small-pox ; and three-fourths of those who so died
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Besides the liver, the mesenteric glands are almost certainly
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impression on our minds with regard to his defence is rather
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cotized by chloroform to the third or fourth degree, and it did not affect
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to isolate the gonococcus from blood cultures. The possibility
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and one-half hours after the injection began. The chloride of the urine rose
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For all useful purposes the arm was powerless. The smallest weights could