(it now appears) still more disastrous in prohibiting the use of

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attainments demanded of nurses does not materially differ from

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mine was investigated in Edinburgh, five months before the latter occurred ! The

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In presenting it I cannot boast of discovery in chemistry^

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urged to accept an appointment to that department, so that the

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Sleep is closely attended to. Girls of seventeen or eighteen are usually sent

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enlarged at the ankles. The other, which is placed anteriorly, is also articu-

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mucus and pus are seen coming from the inaccessible part of

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September 21st, that the special poison of yellow fcA'cr

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in spite of treatment until the eightii day, when a

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directly from the submaxillary duct, without any admixture

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lowed a steel screw ; death ensued on the third day ; cough

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Dr. Dudley instituted labor, but the child was born dead,

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francs. And yet he was noted for the generous gifts which

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bloated countenance of anasarca connected with the history of

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cracked-pot sound, and certain combinations or modi-

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the temporo facial and internal jugular veins. Over the

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gratified appetite, aids digestion, while that of disgust and satiety

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In Case I, the lesion being evidently an intracranial one,

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made, we cannot prevent them all, but we can keep on trying. I just

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[A case of complicated fistula vesico-vaginalis. | Orvosi

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be cured by its use. In hospitals with large numbers of epileptic

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increased peristalsis in 1 minute; when introduced into the

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Case 1 was admitted in an unconscious condition, with eyes

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above and to the right of the nipple — near the left edge of the sternum.

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be made. Treves reports thirty such cases. It is impor-

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surrounded by an inflammatory wall. For these reasons

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been performed with more or less success. I honestly say that

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on the little toe, the other on the great toe. These two contained the