Oldright, President of the Provincial Board of Health,

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nose, the mortality from this being largely due to neglect of cleanli-

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4. The X-Ray Diagnosis of Gas in the Tissues. — Mor-

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Color gray, gray-green, often gray or gray-brown when old; reverse white; color in

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plained of. A lady whose case is reported (Case i) re-

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gentamycin and neomycin, the major drugs used in sterilizing the large intestine.

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At the time I first saw her she was markedly anemic, appeared to be

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less you saw off the olecranon process, and thus save

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ment had penetrated all the layers ; he then slowly

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tion of our science. I believe that anesthesia was the true

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perature, first pointed out by Wunderlichj is a matter of great interest.

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through a moistened filter, and the precipitate washed. Since

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should be employed in addition to subsequent ventilation for

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of Laxative Antikamnia & Quinine Tablets in chronic or semi-

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apply it on the part affected. After it is removed, apply the

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In (c) and (</) the appendix may be fixed in these |X)sitions by a

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boric acid, though 1 to 300 solution of quinine bisulphate invariably

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scraped out painlessly. It does not matter i,n the least how

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to be constant in the lochia, and it is supposed that it

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much more active stimulant than is usually believed. — Therapeutic