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them at least temporarily insane and sent them to the Psychia-
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Case 10. — (Esmarch, 1880.') Neuralgia of the testicle after castration. The ex-
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be stated that a sphygmographic tracing in this disease does
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tion of this water, which evaporation and cooling are promoted by a
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mote hysteria, hypochondriasis, and enfeeblement of the
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the tri-atment of rheumatism is certainly as great as
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Convulsions developing late in the disease are very significant
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trated with slight haemorrhages ; and its epithelium is des-
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the subdural space. The arachnoid was then seen to be distended with clear
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plishes nothing but drawing in its points of attachment to the ribs.
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trachea. The tube is passed gently downward until the tip is in the
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satisfactory evidence. Dr. Gouley, who, as far as my the sacro-lumbar regions
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elements, is called, after Donn^, globulins. These minute, spherical bodies,
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and the likelihood that it will sit cross-legged like a tailor. If
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be proper to judge from so small a number of cases 2^ four, the " Black
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vascular connection between the intestines and liver, by means
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A list of the officers and members of the Lancaster County Medical
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especially in the primiparse, is increased, and during labor
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widened, but the lower border of the arytenoid left free, naturally
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of the population of this State would fall under the
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1087; for Spam, i to 96; for Portugal, i to 114; for
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talipes equino-varus with considerable genu varum of
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nished them gratuitously by most cities, they are prone
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of potash. A saturated aqueous solution of the salt is applied by means of a
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were 4 ; the respective ages being 6, 21, 22, and 40.
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gogues, our attention has been called to resolutions purporting to have