peptone is a mixture of substances and the toxic principle contained in it has
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cine other than the alcohol, and that we do not give as
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becomes hypothesis and confusion. Thus, an examination of the organ
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through the amnion, so as to see if the layers of the chorion
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marked alterations, such as we find in p®stmalarial auicmia and ca-
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ment, or even in the essential amelioration of the more developed
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benzole, has recently been investigated. This substance,
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necessary to persons in normal health. At the same time
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had become a confirmed invalid. There were no symptoms of renal
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a recent meeting of the National Academy of Medicine
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supported by other authorities, that a latent gonorrhoea in
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twenty-nine on which an autopsy has been made, anti,
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The Medical Society of Virginia, 4205 Dover Road, Richmond VA 23221
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air ; others by deflagration with nitrate, or chlorate of potassium ;
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which the recovery is slow and unsatisfactory, it would
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been referred to, and that is the relation of lead-]ioison-
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2. Effect of Direct, Alternating and Tesla Currents and X-
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other mode of treatment. True, its theoretical Ibunda-
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1 should, of course, be employed. He decidedly preferred
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She ha? never had to support her chin with her hands, and can
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55-60. 2 pi. — Farlow (W. G.) Vegetable parasites of
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character of the stroma, the degree of vascularity, vary in different cases.
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(2) Ulcers are more common after gastrojejunostomy for
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times AS delicate as the phlorogrlucin test. This does not agree with
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following facts concerning our confreres in that country :
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on the right. For some reason this print is one of the rarest of the Raphael engravings. It was
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the cells just described by us than any others we have seen.
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these, the vegetable parasitic affections numbered 656, including
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lowed living in the open air during the summer months, at an elevation of
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save that it was a sub-peritoneal growth that had g^own to enormous
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to electrically induced convulsions failed to prevent hemor-
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inversion consists in causing the descent of the fundus of the