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if the fever runs very high, and there is much delirium,
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Jucobson, Walter Hamilton Acland, of Guy's Hospital.
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an ounce in two ounces of water) repeated three times a
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was one with evident mitral stenosis which caused one
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amination table. Dr. Biss expressed a fear that with all
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those operated on for nearly forty-eight hours after the
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crease the respectability of a married lady, and it sometimes occasions
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insisted on the danger of giving small quantities of
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In some of his cases vomiting did not occur at all after the opera-
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impossible to hold these bones in perfect apposition by the fracture
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been formed on the ilium by the pressure of the head of the femur
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interest of the southern members and j m. Taylor, Superintendent of Broad
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in one of the leading journals a report of several cases of deafness,
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have our water shed inspected it works out well. Just fling the negroes
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midday. At 1 p.m. it was noticed that her pulse-rate was 116, and at
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Phosphorus.— H., gr. 1-2 (gm. .06-. 12). C, gr. 2-3 (gm. .12-.2). Sh.,
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inflammation of the membranes of the brain and spinal marrow. The
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recurrence after complete disappearance of the inflammation rarer.
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others is that of HonxBopathy, derived from two Greek