were in the wrong — I leel it to be my duty to acknowledge
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shape; and often, at one or both ends, they present characteristic radiating
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ment Board whether he was able to give any estimate of the
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outbreak of amebic dysentery in Korth Carolina due to an infected well.
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phenylacetic acid. The inability to further oxidize dioxyphenylacetic
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some of its elements account for the fatal results of some of the cases
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clean, I did not observe any evidences of cicatriza-
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vaginam a pear-shaped fleshy mass, which was no doubt a fibroid
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breathing most common in pulmonary tuberculosis, and spoken of as
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He supposes that gouty symptoms are due to an accu-
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stirred in a glass of sweetened water it is as pleasant to
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data are inconclusive on this point. On these lines the
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from the evidence we have thus far gained from animal experiment,
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Classification of Therapeutical Measures, according to the Objects to be accom-
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less than six, and preferably of eight months each.
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restricted diet has been regarded as a potent cause.
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patients had died from peritonitis resulting from acute appendi-
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editorial by Dr. John Skandalakis who also coordinated the two surgical
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virus to the extent of destroying its potency altogether ; but if the
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icterus always contains bilirubin; in the third place, an enormous
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We have attempted to give as comprehensive a view as poaoU^
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the inflammatory exudate between them. Such an exudate
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phabet is English spelled on the fingers, letter by letter,