wool. As a rule, it may be said that the dressing is most easily ap-
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the instrument. The torsion balance and galvanometer in physics, the goni-
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The typical influenza consists in a sudden pyrexia of from one to
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lar inflammatory new formation. At first it grows constantly,
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torcular Herophili be opened in the freshly-killed animal, and the
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hands. Sympathetic pains offcen occur in the thorax under the ster-
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her treatment and keep her under observation for a week
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ease, nagana, is also transmitted by Ghssina morsitans and there exists
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science; to elevate the standard of medical education, and to secure the
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tlio nuirniurs to tlic vilinitioiis of tlu' arterial walls,
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of what he swallowed ; but a small part must have remained, else
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Ascaris Lumbricoides. This is the only ascaris which occurs frequently in the
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J. S., MALE, aged 9|. Family histoi\y good. Personal history :
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January 18. The varicose vessels on the inside of the leg
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ary 1 1th, he began taking the extract in pills, one
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these circumstances it should be discontinued for a
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seen in children apart from colitis, and might be due to debility. He
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rant further work on the catalytic activity of the blood in clinical condi-
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allies, pp. 437-446, 4 figs., 2 pis., 8 figs. 8°. Edinburgh. [Published Jan. 4.]
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sesthesia, anaesthesia, analgesise, etc.), especially when the nervous appa-
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intoxication and that specific legislative proposals be