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ning of the disease. The expression of the patient's countenance
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tion of his promotion for distinguished service in the field appears
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donald. The patient was an unmarried woman of forty-five
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chair of surgery and clinical surgery in the medical department
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the result of an excitement of the sensitive nervous fibres,
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might simulate a more serious form and so very often
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efficacy against a wide variety of commonly occurring microorganisms: “Sensitivity of many
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into simple mania, (b) acute mania, (c) delusional mania,
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bed, and warming bottles were placed along his extremities.
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Complications. — Among these the most frequent and serious is abscess.
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sugar, it could be found in hepatic blood at the instant of death. Dr.
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tions varying from 1-1,000 and 1-20,000. Therefore, with a specific