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ized only by fever, pallor and malaise. The onset may have been
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The merits of sulfathiazole, tincture nux vomica and
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Scharlach R or Sudan III, in a tightly closed dish for from 5 to 15
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licins: ;>" I'. i!iMi !■■. . Inil tin' 'liurnal variatimi ma\ amniiiit In 1 *'.,
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pendently and simultaneously. The remarkable power of the insular
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tlie ciiiiversiiiii into sui:ar of lactic aciil and alanine to take lliosi- two
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deal. The temperature is lOS"" F. There is pain over the back^of the head
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one minute by 1 per cent, by absolute alcohol in five minutes, and in ten minutes by
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Clinton, Daviess, De Kalb, Gentry, Grundy, Harrison, Holt,
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soiiH'uhat Mior.' .^ra.lnallv In tli.' upp.'r sc-.^miiits the ol.li.p.ily of
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fr<mi the circulation, as long as they enter it no faster than the liver
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canned meats and saustige, sui)ervi8ion of processes 88
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booth a Must on your tours of the Technical Exhibits.
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however, are provided. The law promises to fine not less than $5,000
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that th..y i-.a.lil.v a^'jliit iiiat.- s,, a- 1.. Liini Minill iiiass,.s, whi.'li ni;i>
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Horses shall not be allowed upon the bridge deck, except when this deck is water-tight
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almost any manufacturing process is “dangerous”
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of the foramen ovale that may indicate that the foramen served for the
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number of carcasses branded or labeled, fiscal year 1905-6 17
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and Fentress. These sections are not entirely free from ticks, but
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BORCHERDT MALT EXTRACT COMPANY, 217 N. Wolcott Ave., Chicago 12,
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disinfected in order that the room may be clean and free from disease
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about 3 cm. wide. Within the swelling is felt a pear-shaped mass of
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,„.,-iirs i;..iii . r iii. |.i..-..iiii- i.a.'ii.'Ms uf .,^v.' t.. M.-H/.T.
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available in the complete Abbott line . . . for oral and parenteral use . . . for
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certificate, but in all such cases of diversion or reloading full information regarding the
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tody of the inspector. At convenient periods the retained carcasses
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Exception 4- — Texas. During the continuance of the quarantine as herein established
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(d.M'ol aldehyde iiia.v lie I'ormed in noriiial metaliolisin out ot' fjlycncoll
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nervous and mental disorders, alcoholism and drug addiction
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Morris B. Simpson, M.D., Kansas City, President, Presiding
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The following chart indicates the occurrence of tumors in various
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the health of the people in the smaller communities of
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