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both lungs, while phthisis almost always does; and adds that the former is most
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stricture, is condemned to be a "subscriber to dila-
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Stuart Cullen, M. D., State University of Iowa, Iowa City
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principles whereby fractures are to be treated. I have had expe-
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ally from text-book descriptions, and are yet quite typical of
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found that his pulse was exceedingly slow and irregular. The patient was put
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tionately; but. preferring tlie society of the kitten on the hearth-nig,
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tion brought out in a recent courtmartial case, that arduous ser-
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the hill (where the cases had occurred), he added that
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leaving 210 under treatment, against 245 at the date of tho last
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lumbia, is hereby extended one month, on surgeon's cer-
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pears to be variable, sometimes not longer than twelve
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Amalgamated Section are as well fitted as their predecessors to maintain
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toms of the malady appeared. The first symptom in order of time
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2. The presence and location of a stricture of the ureter. 3.
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the leakage, the alarm induced is equally great when it occurs
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should hold to the expectant treatment for a few days.
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more has been said, and is probably believed by great numbers of persons,
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Processes of Disease, by Dr. Ernst Ziegler, Professor of Pathological
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to succeed to his connexion. The house is exceedingly desirable,
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of traumatic thirst, which is terrible in cases accompanied by great loss of
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such patients may reach adult life without further change, xq\j a violent
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advantages. But, if even both parts of the ligature are allowed
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It is most commonly situated at the C(eliac axis branch
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a good voice, for some water. A little was given him, which caused him
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and emaciation. Indeed, purely fimotional affections of the stomach,
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tions were made of various germicidal agents, with ap-
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typewriter, and a medical assistant will be on hand
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he attended the meeting of the Central Surgical Asso-
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53. Gastric and Duodenal Hemorrhage Following Operations.
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isphere gave an idea of abnormal changes of conforma-