great, or it may be entirely nil. 2. The red blood cells are

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them. For either the original observer did see, or he did not

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even harsher economic competition that may surely be ex-

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'five only one: " IMiysicijins constantly observe that if

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ciselv the same morbid conditions as in Cases II. and

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ments. Knoblauch (Deutsches Arch. /. Jdin. Med., Leipzig, 1888, Bd.

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An abscess always renders the case more grave, yet an

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happening after the drug had been thrown into tlie urethra

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the operation all the sponges were boiled in a porcelain kettle for more

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good deal of urging to make him accomplish the trip in a rea-

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is much more common ; this verges at times almost into coma. Slight

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vote of this Society condemning the practice, still

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Dxcited or disturbed, the bleeding will recur and destroy life by producing

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Kussell; 'I'HE Hon. Seciietaiues of the Western Medical

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quency, the influence of respiration upon the pulse-curve is naturally more pronounced

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ness, the worst effects of which may be manifest only

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fluid from the abdomen was coagulated, both by heat and the mineral acids. Upon analysis

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were ordered 60 drops of laudanum every 15 minutes, until the

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for vertebrectomy, radical decompression of the neural

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used. The hands were also tested after making a. post mortem exam-

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tent. My only wish about it is to be regarded as a bene-

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PEDIATRIC USE. Safety and effectiveness in children have not been established.

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the placenta was placed over it, but I could not find its connection with the

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In further corroboration of this, the practical bearing

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1993. (Kettering is with the Department of Microbiology, Loma

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judicious use of clinical material. Overcrowded benches

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Gonococci. — Even those strains that have been a long time on artificial

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flattened or cubical, and presented appearances of a tran-

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4 mg. of uric acid. There was nothing in the clinical history or

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-lowance of L.^ per 100 patients tempted them to great imposi-

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obliterated or only presenting an orifice, size of a knitting-

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of the evidence derived from the test in charges of infanticide,

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Statistics show that more than half of the mortality

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she only observed a few weeks before, and shortly after

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bacillus perishes in four days when dried on cover-

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patient was not neurotic, but, on the contrary, rather phlegmatic. He came