percussion note over the swelling was dull, the dull area being

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tion as to his being again taken into hospital being mooted,

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the plaintiff's expenses of the action. The defendants

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tween the arachnoid and the pia mater, but, as most patients

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sidered his " diS'use matter" — "materia vitse diS'usa" — as the

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digiosus, or of typhoid bacillus respectively, are found refrac-

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instances, and railway workings have been the seat of not a few wide-

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for some cells, that another body called the attraction sphere

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tionable, and they desired that arrangements should be made

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"endocyst" to represent the germinal membrane, applying

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superficial layer of water extending to a depth of 500 to 600

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common mistake, the confounding of parasites— imperfectly

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«xamined who had lupus of the mouth. On kissing the book and laying

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February 28th. It is understood that a number of wit-

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much before the vasomotor centre, were it not that Lawrie

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cluded 40(5 which were referred to the principal zymotic diseases, against

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pedicle. One of his coUeigues at the Middlesex Hospital,

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beri-beri. Tliere seems no doubt, however, that wlien present

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Dr. Saunders appears also to have taken much interest in

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always appeared to me as a recreation, even after wearying

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edicinal remedies anH f,„-„i=i,„„ 5„„.- ;_ ^ - ' W"""

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been weaned five weeks after birth, and appeared in perfect

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pelvic brim close to the symphysis, freely movable, and without

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should be adopted at our infectious disease hospitals to render the

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been enlarged, have created a strong feeling in my mind

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at other times children have suflFered in large numbers. The

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useless, so much so that the patient himself was desirous of

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brooklet into which ran water coming from a tanyard. A

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often been mistaken for parasitic structures, whilst, on the

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the same to tlieir respective Secretaries. Members of the

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power, the villous character of the projecting portion of tlie

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month; the children took for breakiast a plate of ordinary porridge,

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regards the shedding out of the fibrin ferment which accom-

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meant by neglect, they did not appear to know, and so the matter

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When we pass from such general considerations to more

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Ihis had tlie disadvantage that the operator could not see if

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conferred by the Act. In Rotherhithe the Council probably

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from the anus had all the characters of an intussusception.