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Domville Edward James, M.R.C.S. , Di-von and Exeter Hospital Exeter
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" 3. Immediately before commencing the operation, ascertain the position of
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resorted to chromicized catgut, which he always pre-
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per by Dr. Laughlin. He illustrates, by a case, the observation that crepi-
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moreover, be demonstrated by the action of quinine, which by sup-
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for whom a mixture of juniper-tar (huile de Cade) and glycerine was
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outwards and upwards. As the result of these several forces, the
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the operation is ended. The wound should be drained, not
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Those dependent on lesions of the first cervical nerves and of the sacral
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suspected cases usually reveal only one or two of these lesions at the most.
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data that prove the value of actually dehydrating a patient. In
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fession but were due to a lack of knowledge and not
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existence of this hernia could have been determined
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so exhausted by repeated hemorrhages that she could not endure a radical
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developed and of previous good health. The cause of
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down the spine until it approaches the margin of the pelvis,
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intestines. Its removal was tedious, but safely accomplished by first
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where ; they should work together for good, the one sus-
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Another case was what I should call a combination of amenor-
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kindred resource is the prismatic glass in muscular asthenopia, etc. * * *
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5. An External Application in Scarlet Fever to Shorten the
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nate use of all or any kinds of food is consistent with reason or confirra-
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of mercury, yet it probably is more generally employed in syphilis
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The subject of the treatment of cirrhosis of the liver by operation
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impregnated female penetrates the skin, especially that of the feet, for pur-
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assistants. Three of the barrack buildings and most of the quarters for
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If deep sea fishing is your thing, we suggest that you check with a Baldwin County physician
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2p.m.; Royal Free, 2 p.m.; Hospital for Women, 9^ a.m. ; Royal London
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auricular stimulus owing to the extreme is shown by statistics, a double propor-
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The prognosis as to recovery is absolutely bad ; there is no record