exists, in various points, between this case and that of the Welsh gen-

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lesions of poliomyelitis present only in the pons' and bulb.

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according to this writer, to possess a similar inhibitory

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trace any hardness at the distance of a few weeks, when I

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liable to similar lesions; a distended gall or urinary blad-

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tice, because by this means the bowel, which is in a weakened

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though in children above foui years of age it usually appears in a

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Under this head I am disposed to include a large proportion of the

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toxic origin, in which the digitalis dicrotic pulse is a type; (2)

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stated that, after applying Alveloz he places over it a dressing of

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Speaking for his own hospital, Dr. Godson informed his

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and scalp; orbital cellulitis; recovery without impair-

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have called attention to protracted labor due to short

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in lateral curvature, rigidity is only present in the later stages

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treatment. If the Opium cannot be well borne, Tincture of Aconite

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stages and in various classes of cases, have brought about a belief in the

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natural position, the patient is immediately able to go through any ordinary

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and especially that of dismissal, should be conferred upon

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could produce the effect ; but the fact was witnessed by Dr. Hart,

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tliird day the colour alters, and becomes of a sulphur, primrose,

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limped a good deal. Three days after the fall her mother

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although a probability existed of a previous cjironic bron-

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gave rise to the publication in this Journal, and several medical works, of

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uated. This parasite is found in the intestinal tract

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Avork has taken a ncAV course, and has shown that Avhile pancreas juice

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placenta prrevia was the one condition in which the life

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The patient was seen by several neurologists, general

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Eobert Christison, M.D., of Edinburgh, in his Life, where he tells

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