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I'ferysipele par I'usage interne de I'acide clir\ sophanique.

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relative tenacity with which the different structural elements retain the stain.

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nor although I find ample reason why there should be

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stand in the midst and look around ; and then you will find all

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in St. Anthony's Hospital, Denver. There was no history

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infiltration, congestion of the vessels, and perivascular oedema ; but the

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contents, and turgidity of the veins may <>r may not remain according to

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papers, and particularly in the reference to suppuration of the

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ribs and distenders of the thoracic cavity; and this is how it is that

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been intimated, hsematidrosis is not, properly speaking, an alteration

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Jixmoptysis certainly do sometimes occur, but they are com-

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two distinct diseases of very dissimilar characters — the one an

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left, is now covered with, or included in, morbid tissue. The posterior

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'the amount of the substance eliminated in a given time at

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become established. The analogy of these growths to those described

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will jeopardize the success of the operation. Second or-

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39. Chapman RM, Sutcliffe SB: Protection of ovarian function by oral contra-

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liver. Paracentesis should be performed when required; often this

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ii. Diseases Characterized by Changes in the Vesicular

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Marked changes of an undesirable nature were produced in butter

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be healed. There is much to learn regarding time of expos-

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Iowa City; C. W. Stewart, Washington; W. A. Wright, Thayer; T. C.

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there is serious sleeplessness. Chloral by the rec-

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several fatal occurrences; while in instances where fatal results have not

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eight hours after the diarrhoea commenced he began to be

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As each one contains half a grain of santonin, it is not

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of extreme severity, and demonstrated what can be done,

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important to effective medical service afloat and must

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rebreathing excessive. Chloroform and oxygen in the upright position