Figs. 25-28.— Other t>-pes of solitary cysts formed from trypanosomes. The

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passive cerebral hyperaemia. The use of all others is irrational, some-

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and, in order to avoid the excessive reaction, resort was had to a

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meat may bring on diabetic coma; and (4) many diabetics, up to the

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these, again, came at an early period of the fever from Nos. 4 and 5

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pigs killed four or five months after recovery from a single attack

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0.05 to 0.1 c.c. As an example of these experiments we insert

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Pneumatic Chambers. — Pneumatic chambers (see p. 67 for the

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be entirely prohibited, and sufficient attention should be paid to the

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what deaf on that side, though at times she heard almost quite well.

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leeches. If, as is often the case, the patient complains of cerebral

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horse and human serum-agar. The best spirilla are most fre-

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development. On account of this fact their arrangement of the stages of develop-

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upsets his digestion. The patient should, however, take 1-1 1/2 Qt. of milk

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Hewlett, Villar, and Revis (1910) (pp. 62 and 73) made two series of tests to

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five hundred and twenty-four signatures have since been added to it, so that,

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equator ; for symmetry culminates in sphericity. When, therefore,

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Other Methods of Treatment: Colon Irrigation. — If only very

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that the processes are essentially distinct, the one presenting all the

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of Durham, as a cure for diabetes mellitus, for Bright's disease, and

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of the Commissioners for the Improvement of Barracks and Hospi-

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is high or normal, I agree with Castaigne in withdrawing 400-500 c.c.

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the mouth is the fact that if it is kept clean, fever patients take nourish-

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coefficient which determines their diffusion in a mixture of water

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of a reaction of this kind in the results of the above experiment,

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lias been said to be equally succcssfulj and from its li([uidity more

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temporary rest and sleep afforded by morphine give the heart and ner-