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where yellow fever is indigenous is far less liable to have the disease than a
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and salt water haths are especially heneficial to this class of patients after
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first, followed later by the part becoming colder and not sufficiently
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present, may be checked by such remedies as gallic acid, lead, and opium.
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hardly perceptible at the wrist. In exceptional cases it is tolerably full and
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monia itself is a painless disease. Pain in the afPected side rarely continues
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extensively employed as a stimulant in pneumonia ; — it is claimed that
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travel onwards, reach the large intestine. Their numbers vary from fifty
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pulse is 98, by the end of the first week it will have reached 100, or 110
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side of the fissure of Eolando. Inasmuch as extradural hemorrhage
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There is malaise, torpor, loss of appetite, and insomnia. The gums be-
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provided with a clinical thermometer, which may be obtained from the
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The diagnosis between aneurism of the a/rcli of the aorta and of the m-
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should be torn in strips from three to six inches broad, depending upon
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rarely recovered from, even when an extensive opening is established.
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maintained at its highest point. Sec(md, all irregular or violent action of
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from the introduction into the system of septic poison through the drink-
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BSOBATmaS. inPABCELELfromttoVVfurlla. OHBOMOS, in SBTS, (romt to U, for Hi.
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than cold applications. The superficial and deep ulcers which are some-
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the arrangement of the sick-room and proper diet ; milk is the most suit-
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the varicose aneurysm will result, that is, a considerable sac will exist
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lapse occur, and extensive fatty metamorphosis is then usually associated
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that is common both to contagious and miasmatic diseases. Its most con-
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as the finger passes over them they seem to be slightly elevated. After a
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ciently largo doses for the patient to feel its intoxicating ellects. As a
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much as the head of the bone rolls underneath the coracoid process.
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lies, as the carbonate of sodium. The crystals of the