hand, the paralysis may be delayed several weeks, and the patient may
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speaking- the circulation is controlled throug-h the
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Cutting from : 1!it. d.k. saclis. Go.sellscli. (1. AVissonsi h.
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120 mm. and falls within the range given by Janeway. The dias-
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De added to keep the candle invisible corresponds to a diminution of
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stances as in a sanatorium. He could say that in no case
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treatment and to the length of the convalescence. For the author's inge-
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the lamp and thus modify those already offered. One of the sim-
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truss. Evacuate serous abscess; inject cavity with iodine
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5. Hooks MA, Longe RL: Recovery of phenytoin from an enteral nutrient
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(1.) Simple hypertrophy, where the walls are merely thickened
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tability in the ganglionic masses concerned, and I am not unwil-
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causes tonic contractions only, and the duration of the effect is strictly
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another, which is this: there has been, within a few years, decided
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both alive ; January 5, 1SG5. And again, of two living male
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chloride solution, local application (no injection).
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petechial hemorrhages similar to those seen in purpura.
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ure successfuUv tnated, with remarks on tlie operation.
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The President stated that, after investigation, he does
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unconsciousness only lasted a day. It was succeeded by a month of a con-
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varies with the substance employed. Thus lime is an alkali, and if
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washed, was of a dirty yellow color, absolutely blood-
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observation. The patient, a young woman, sought advice for
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Lectures on Clinical Medicine. By De. McCall Anderson.