which she will apply, considering the numerous hands through which

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where its diuretic action in most of the cases was equally well

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would be much greater. P^or the rest, it is in aneurisms of the extre-

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rendered darker by exposure to light. Soluble, when pure,

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der one year, 126.6 males died to 100 females — and from one to five

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It is generally considered that patency of the foramen ovale pro-

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we live, as nature makes some startling revelation to us from her new-

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Action Internal. — Alimentary Canal. — Aloes is first of all

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tion hptwccn the different tissues loll for tlio purpose of coverini^

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made extemporaneously by washing and cutting up a fresh

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ts required for success was mtich lowered, the Board in New

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tion of the urinary tract. Loss of sexual desire and power

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of aneurism lately observed (Walker, in Ward Y., and afterwards

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3. To save life. After severe hsetnorrhage, deep injec-

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sured one and a lialf line, the right two and a half lines, and the

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tissue, and of a considerable varicocele in and about the canal, and,

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keratitis and iritis. In the former disease, photophobia and

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Dose.—B.. & C, 3i.-iii. (30.-90.); Sh. & Sw., 3ii.-iv.

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reddish by exposure to air and light. Very soluble in water

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Properties. — Yellowish-brown or brownish-yellow masses or frag-

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second fingers. In the ring finger it is partial, but in tlio little fin-

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Elimination. — Antipyrin is rapidly eliminated unchanged

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write for one powder and direct the druggist to dispense

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cardiac muscle, although fatality is mainly due to the

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not drop faster than one or two drops a second. Percolation

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influence, is a truth which has been strongly impressed upon us by the

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Another point of important practical value is here illustrated, and

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They are not so valuable in veterinary practice as in

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the alkaloid. Three-quarters of a grain of cocaine is a safe

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present, but these thus far give promise that we have in

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afferent vessels cause more blood to pass through the kidney

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placed over an already inflamed part, the same result

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are only developed in course of time. The amylic alcohol.

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case the precipitate should be washed in a filter of muslin

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The first was that of a young lady, who was taken with what appear-

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uterine inertia, to prevent post-partum hemorrhage, to