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Predisposing Causes. — There seemed to be but one predis-

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porized pesthouses and the disinfection or destruction

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tions varying from 1-1,000 and 1-20,000. Therefore, with a specific

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7 times, the femoral 6 times, the popliteal and axillary 3 times,

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lions of dollars are lost annually through illness.

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I cannot help thinking that careful reading of what I

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the 13 th instant, Avhen Dr. Knight, resident physician

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companying the discharge ; at other times, a very small quantity

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hour intervals.) In cases of more severe pain two tablets every six hours (up to eight tablets in 24 hours) may be

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also found in the sanguinolent effusions of hemorrhagic small-

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normal, in spite of severe uraemia. To interpret these facts we must remember

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weeks, has noticed an increasing fulness of the abdomen, with a con-

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ant factors, esj)ecially, must be kept in view in comparing the causation

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monia, after a short illness, on January 5, aged 28

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nominated aide-natiiraliste at the Museum, and in the

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For full announcements, address John B. Roberts, M. D.,

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comes localized in the right iliac region, with decided

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Before Medical School; Just three regular guys. Searching for the Perfect Woman

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sometimes it is almost natural, calm, regular, soft, and full whenever the

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that is, the condition leading to the formation of gall-stones, then a cure