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with the fancy of the operator. The feasibility of pack-
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malaria are (i): Men who have sexual forms of the malarial parasite
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skin in scarlet fever it may cause poisoning. Cases are on record where
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over it and accessible to observation and experiment. A vehicle to be
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pad niay be amply sufficient, operative procedure is often
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diarrhoea. The history was rather difficult to obtain, but the
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mentions 23 cases in the literature in which hemorrhagic
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radiographic and endoscopic methods of investigation, and he had, it must be
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two cases of lobarpneumonia — both in women — and one severe
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ably incurable, but if taken in time, animal may be cured by
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amount of sputum may be extremely small, and a few clicking
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bursting of the abscess into, or the extension of inflanunation to, some
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her food ; and had sloughing sores on her legs, feet,
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if it occurs early in the process of digestion, the regurgitated material
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enough to hold me down — for I had actually raised
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alcohol, and petroleum oils, but not in glycerine. Administered in
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manner be diflScult, he holds it better to anaesthetize the patient, by which we
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Owing to the failure of the potato crop and other concomitant cir-
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current scarkatiniform erythema. Univ. M. Mag., Phila.,
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severity of the symptoms. In some cases the gland is enlarged, but it is then
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of gas in the sigmoid, which was dilated. Proctoscopy revealed
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elders of the invigorating influence of sunshine and fresh air. Indeed
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recent meeting of the Obstetrical Society of Philadelphia Dr. William
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preferable to a double one. and it should be carefully guided into
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uric acid from the system. Finally, they often reveal
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