in the case of men requiring additional observation and examinntion.
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but in woodcuts, in which the cut ends of the arteries are drawn
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Prof. Christison, || of Edinburgh, in his classical work on
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ficers were elected: Dr. Edwin L. Marechal, Mobile, president;
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falls back from the aorta is greater under the influence of
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suitably under the heading of hygiene or diet. This is the suppression in
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taining normal saline solution at the temperature of the
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women and children, somo simple or orange syrup may bo added. In the
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As to methods of enucleation, there are many. When at
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to a misplaced effort of the mind; want of will, error
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acne, with numerous pajjular and i)ustular lesions mingled with co-
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tion, Eaoult found that the lowering of the freezing-point is the
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correcting curvatures, deviations, flexions, and versions of this
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quantity, with the blood in the veins, without necessarily produ-
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treatment of the acute attack. It should be directed
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to changing loads. Even a quartz digitiri ckx:k mid
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space in a thermostat, and there is practically no chance of con-
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with a similar case, to treat it in the same way. The accident to the
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cussed, and it has been, in fact, questioned if spinal lesions,
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Life-History. — The life-history, unfortunately, is not well known.
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like those described by Dr Hammond (1871) under the term "athetosis."
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arterial points, was, he argued, but an illustration
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the incidence of congenital malformations seen with the use
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tion of the kidneys giving rise to an abundance of albumen in the urine and
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decidedly muscular than the large ones, but like them lined by
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ments of knowledge, seem, as it were, to have 'stolen a march' upo..
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to another in contact with it, as from the heart to the Hver.' — Drs.