imperfect ; to the right, normal. There was slight converg-

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urethral fever, serious hemorrhage, or inflammation, and

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of a ditch which has been filled up almost to the surface

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semble flesh. In many of the dejections there is no genuine fecal

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Charles T. McClin took, Charles H. Boxmeyer and J. J. Siffer.

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chemist, of the Radium Laboratory of Paris, since 1905 —

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I^hia bar, Avho has done much to render it useful, not

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excite the attention of the -patient or others. In a pretty large proportion of

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the effect on the circulation and on the kidneys, the officinal infusion is

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influence of the pH on the relative viscosity of gelatin solutions.

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We grant that seminal stains exist upon the clothes of the

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that it produces nerv^ous sedation and cardiac stimu-

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position. In such cases the subretinal effusion of fluid is secondary,

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enter into an examination of what sympathy is~the apparatus or

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be demanded, which shall tend to render the water far more pure

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the organ of generation were highly developed, but there was no ap-

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G. Trow, Sunderland, Vice-President; Dr. F. H. Zabriskie,

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cies, with the stonefish being the most venomous. The pain of

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had recently died. Some 8 years ago he first saw and examined

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cotyloid cavity to form the pelvis. At ten years, ossification begins in the


and have a much thinner shell than the ova of the round worm. Ova are

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lours afterwards the deceased, who appeared quite well, was observed to rise

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sitarie e delle alterazione dell' aliraento degli animali domestici. 592 pp., 10

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