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reproduction study in rats at doses up to 38 times the human dose did not reveal any

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5. It is generally supposed that a sudden breaking of the current

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The malady is usually preceded by signs consisting of a febrile

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strangulation of the intestine from adhesion of a knuckle to the cicatrix of

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"unqualified disappointment." Mr. Morgan, of Gruy's Hospital,

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Deimel (K.) Rotary float. No. 439124; Oct. 28, 1890.—

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Acquired atrophy is almost always concentric — ^that is, the thinning

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oil of sweet almonds, or in a weak salicylated lard ointment, after

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with thrice its weight of powdered charcoal, and introduced

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from the pre-existing connective-tissue cells (including endothelial cells). The

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squatting position, and would not greatly oppose the extensors of the hip. As

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Nearly all of this species of monkey contain adult filaria in the peritoneal

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scarcely any influence on the muscles of the right side and

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measures, e.g. the use of mercurial and other ointments.

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been effused. The vessels of the cerebral membranes were much congested,

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munications from Dr. Lubbock of Norwich, Dr. Yeats of Bedford,

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unfortunate accident ; for if the general cellular structure and

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with the unanimous consent of the Irish Examining Bodies. In