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months old, and in six sittings, in as many weeks, crushed an oxalate of lime

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affected side, or, at least, over its lower half — a thing which

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and milk and water instead of simple ivater. December 20th. — Urine 112 oz. Ordered

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of the Euxine, shouted, "The sea! the sea! " and twice in humiliation

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coming in between. "We may assume with some degree of probability

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Davys, Staff-Surgeon J., from half-pav, to be Staff-Surgeon, rice

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and the motor troubles were those of paresis of muscular gi-oups. In

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IV. Drugs or the derivatives obtained from them as the result of metabolic

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disorders, was this, that where ventilation is complete in other

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attack of scarlet fever. On the fourth day of the eruption the same

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fits of sneezing, in the early stage of acute fever, usually prognosticates

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and weakness of the muscles of mastication and of the neck were most

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proposed regime, he would get value for his money, which at

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poliomyelitis and human poliomyelitis, and the strep-

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approaching attack ; among these are chilliness, flatulence,

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Folin and Shaffer found that the method gave high results with a number of

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progress in thoracic di,-.;:- >.:i;. ., . ;.. -jio. L'.-n; n-lali.iii ol dxs-

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However, the patient's mother had had diabetes mel-

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of twenty-four hours, probably owing to the imperfect con-

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opinion concerning its importance and the severity of its

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to an expansile impulse. In aneurysm the characteristic cachexia is wanting.

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wise, the autopsy was negative. Microscopic investigation

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had been under treatment in the previous year by the Finsen

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