called ])seudo-nieralgias, in which the underlying cause is

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centers. In 1990, suicide accounted for 30% of all inmate

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its form. Persons whose eyes are near together may see distinctly

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tissue simply joins the contiguous surfaces, it is termed intermediate

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1937. Dale, Sir Henry Hallett, c.b.e., f.r.s., m.a., m.d., f.r.c.p., Director, National Institute for

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in this case; for this lady has now passed two weeks

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the establishment of these institutions. To uphold this

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41 grains), amounting in all to 200 to 900 milligrammes (about 3

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and self-sufficiency. 6 Questions may include, “Can you

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Improvement of the circulation in the extremities by careful rubbing

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doubt facilitated by the massage and thereby time is saved.

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with mothers and their illegitimate offspring in the

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Humidity is absolute or relative, the former term expressing the actual

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Congenital cases have been described (Williamson and Widerhofer),

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kendorfer, 51; phagocytosis, Ernst, H. C, 85, %, 114; the bacteri-

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task to hold the already cut sections in one hand and

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