tory power in pneumonia, and therefore cite the following

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necessary to persons in normal health. At the same time

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Patient Selection . — The clinical and pathological fea-

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unlimited access to the records of those patients who

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State MortaUty. — According to the monthly bulletin of the

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Hyland, M.D., and Patricia Spiegelberg Hyland, M.D.;

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Dr. S. H. Weeks, of Portland, thought that in these

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elements, the writer can offer no evidence that such a change

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1835. An Act to provide for a Mineralogical and Geological Survey

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ing. Young and vigorous patients, whose tissues are

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been heard during life. It is in the form of minute granulations, usually

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the monkey results in falling towards the same side as the lesion, but in

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severe cramps, affecting the abdominal muscles and the cnlves of the legs ;

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right angle of the mouth, extending to the lower lip and inner surface of

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form bears little resemblance to leucocytha^mia. The enlarged glands may

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remembering that the effect of digitalis is very prolonged,

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more forcibly to the present state of medical science generally,

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* Retarded development. Slightly less cloudy than air tubes,

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sories of the cure mean as much as the drinking of the water itself.

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1. For liver sickness, take juice of this wort, which

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Adhesive straps, broad at their ends, narroAved tOAvard the centre,

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arterio-sclerosis, namely, inheritance, age, and the arthritic and uric-

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reassured her, and eflected a perfect recoyery. Nider relates

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deed, science and practice are not divergent. Their aintf

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