has broken out in the coldest seasons, and spread most alarmingly at such times in the differ-
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exclusively in an expectant or buildiug-up treatment of all intlaimnati^ns
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through a specific tonic action on the whole respiratory
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prevent the risk of hemorrhage, and the pedicle was therefore transfixed with a
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fact to him (the President) in a letter. \_Afplause?^''
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The administration of meclizine to pregnant rats during
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its coasts and rivers almost free from poisonous fish 53
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this offer and received valuable assistance. The League
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mentaries " De Bello Gallico." 10. Translation of a passage
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Pleuritis with fibrinous exudation is developed in th.e portion of the pleura
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evacuations be not too copious and long continued. In such oases the
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infection. Among the foreign bodies which he has found
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were unlike those of any other. The smallness of the army — at
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sure 78/42 mm Hg. A dopamine infusion was begun, and
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follows. In a number of cases there was vesiculation, and the lesions
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usually got well ; food was better than medicine. Rheumatoid
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men arriving at camp,^ shows that hemolytic streptococci were
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ide of potash in 30 gr. doses every two hours, and to
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disclosed by the post-mortem examination of the bodies of persons who
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ceeding in this stage is, to order at first a hot, mustard foot-bath
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tiiat there should be no grades, no dis- tlicrefore whoever chooses should be
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2. The Wet or Dropsical Form.— The earlier or later development of
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an operation ; corrosive sublimate solution (1 to 2000) or
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deformitii. Arch, di ortop., Milano, 18H9, vi, 312-318.—
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trating antiseptic, is only suited for superficial wounds. It is,
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and a docile mind. Do not believe a word that I say until you
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sente estacion, Iratadas por iuyeccioues hipodfermicas de
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then drawn off, and the starch stirred up with fresh water, and
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ginnings. In no other way, I believe, is it possible to