Bennett to the connexion of uterine disease and phthisis as

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taken in connection with the inferior make (high acid), renders this

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and vigorous, and the changes of the coat in spring and autumn

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The importance of sending out solutions lor hypodermic and

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throbbing of the carotids, febrile movement, etc. Acute gastritis, which

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The complete disappearance of the disease for so long a period goes to

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infection. Crehore, C. F., 51; the cholera bacillus in the dead body,

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exerted on the minds of patients which should be considered

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the body is free from it, the rash being found upon the palms and soles

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impro^•ement is either very marked, or so slightly marked as to

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facilitate their multiplication — that is, when they

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she. was in an extremely critical condition. She was

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ditioii are indicated. Occurring as a complication of the continucil fevers^

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is generally small and feeble, and the surface of the body cool. Occa-

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entertained with sufficient seriou-sness to warrant any

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the lungs. My experience has taught me to put great faith in

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published a definition of the term “genetic coun-

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5. — Jones calls attention to the ease with which fine

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etc., and one million two hundred thousand hogs slaughtered annually, though

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member the quantity is about four grains of chromic acid to a quart

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Diseases of October, JVovemher, and Decemher, 1811.

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different parts of the body ; the secreting structures of the horns

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finish high school and come to Saint Paul about 1886,

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yesterday, a larger moist sound about the middle zone

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main branches the gravity of the situation is exceptional, because the

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hemorrhage continued, but it was rather less violent.

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rectum. A marked decidual reaction of the surround-