A delegation of prominent citizens representing the

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the bowel, rather than by direct laxative influence.

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nant, and aborted about the end of September following.

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were always taken in the presence of several persons. They were taken with

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physiologist for two hours, that is, for a course of fifty hours'

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subject of tuberculosis was regarded as wellnigh hope-

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Properties. — A pale amber or straw-colored liquid,

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which is caused by an unduly prolonged struggle on the

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Committee to nominate Professors of Medical Department of Yale

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ble our pretensions, and induce us to receive the observations

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tion. The appearance of healthy catamenia took place on the evening of the

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his hypothesis on records obtained under experimental conditions, as

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FOR SALE, at this office, the only complete set of the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal which

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their effect on the same side with that on which they hare been iigured. One of the most

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season, even in the midst of that season should the horse

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views were of a much higher character than tliose on which

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ful and the risks are very slight, while palliative treatment

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one policy in this company, a point on which no informa-

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phenomenon of auto-agglutination thought by some to be rather characteristic of

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through the open mouth from above, or through the floor

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opportunity was afforded to test the relative value of drugs

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for them. Nothing is more striking than in a case of

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gouty character, brings in its train the risk of cerebral apoplexy.

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The breasts are flat and rather flabby — with ill-

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the stomach are capable of absorbing, he conceives that no

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accordance with the capacity of the constitution of the patient

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membrane of the nose, hps, cheek, gums, and palate, the tongue (excepting

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twenty-four hours and more after the injection, and one rabbit

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TrochisciBismuthi — Rose water substituted for oil of cinnamon.

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venous trunks enlarged and tortuous, dipping into the swollen retina;

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mediate auscultation furnishes us with much more certain means

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and had constantly whistled the same melody that awoke

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As surtiririit s|k'C'(1 and steady rotation of tlu' plates is essential to

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evolved she probably created a vital force — the secretion of the Graafian

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severe when a minor injury like a scalp wound has been

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ditions when the wound is closed, and so is better able to