logical conditions." Undoubtedly the term "tonic" embraces in great

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other means of facilitating research by mutual aid. The subscription

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courtesy and kindness which characterised the discharge of his duties

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case, also, respiration and pulsation had quite ceased, the former some

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scalpel of the anatomist. What did I observe, you ask? It appeared

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Birmingham, September 1870 I am, etc., Percy Leslie, M.D.

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that I at least was unable to teach students anything of professional

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of civilians, more than a week would have been occupied in clearing

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respecting the above. This description of work is generally allotted to

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with much discomfort and palpitation on exertion, as if the mechanism

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pital." The meeting altogether passed off most successfully.

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also by visits to works in progress. — 5. A knowledge of effects of the

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of antiquities made by the Emperor, who has left there something to

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Waterhouse, F., M.R.C.S. On a New Form of Elevator for Depressed

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how long-suffering and patient they were, and how ready they were to

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covers sooner than the arm, and the upper arm than the forearm. In

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mittee had done perfectly right in resisting the new Medical Bill

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students and those of student age that the greatness of a nation de-

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after competitive examination. — Clinical Clerks and Dressers are ap-

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[.Applause.] And the rea,son why it is the most remarkable body is this

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February i6th, 1859, Licentiates of the College, shall be entitled to be

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£^ 5^- » '"' single, ^445. — H.P. — Royal Infirmary. Surgeon's pupil,

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a case, so tlrat he w-as very slow to adopt means to check leucorrhcea.

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stating that it also accompanies the passage of gall-stones through the gall-ducts."

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ficates of attendance at Lectures, etc., and proof that subsequently to

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having attended one course of Lectures on each of the following sub-

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Medical or Surgical Qualification recognised by the College, is required

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for library and other purposes. Offices of various descriptions will also

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to that larger class who study their profession from higher motives,

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Pathology and Practice of Medicine: H. J. H. Bond, M.D.