moreover, find that, as a general rule, the contents
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agglomerated. In another case, examined by the skiascope but not
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Since I have observed a few cases of this kind I wish to call attention
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&Bul. No. 88, pp. 26, 27, Central Experimental Farm.
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This fact also accounts for the feebleness of the heart's sounds
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mystery. It is no longer an epidemic disease, whose subjects are
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malarial patient during the course of an acute iufection, we do not, as
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diameter, was selected, and the tube cut off and polished
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water may be — and especially in the case of children — 20.0° C.
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hospital completed. The toil, the anxieties of many
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Case 45.— June, 1912: N., aged 44; Dr. H. M. Fletcher; 1-para; chronic retroversion
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also happens that the first attack of goat is in the ankle, knee, or aome
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shortly after birth and caused by contact Avith the
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1888. Abthub Ernest Sansom, M.D., On the Treatment of Certain Forms of
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vation. It will readily be seen how beneficial this lavage would be,
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character and of a rather bright color, but, after it had been
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gree, is an accident to be avoided. My own practice has been regulated
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broken down ; in the central gray matter the ganglion cells are swollen,