in regard to the three ports it inspected. New York,

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of the anterior and middle third from before back. His

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tients or other complainants, or between physicians,

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eric irritation causes no reflex spasms in these cases. The tetanoid

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through recurrence of the pneumonia or through consecutive tubercu-

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the differential characters of organic and inorganic bodies is, as Longet has

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he took rich satisfaction in the expanse of windows

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present in the urine in small amount. The organism grown

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The result is a work of three octavo volumes, perhaps 2,500 pages,

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is manufactured embrace a class of herbs, balsams, barks, etc.,

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so fully developed, that it was conceived unnecessary to re-

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smallpox virus in various forms was blown into the lungs, with the result,

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ple, I may mention a case of autumnal hay-fever in which the

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the chance of his eye being hit by one or more of these small

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professional men should surrender their time witliout

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the skin from contraction of old cicatriees. He pro-

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profession in Brooklyn. At the same meeting, when the whole amount of donations

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tigated the effect of gentian violet on protozoan animals — the

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of fluid magnesia. In about a week after this change the above symptoms were all

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Lecturer on Physical Diagnosis in the University of Pennsylvania.

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incurable, etc." Then follow testimonials concerning

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5. In face position, with head in the pelvis and chin either

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medullary centres controlling the circulation and respiration,

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account for the other cases he had yielded to the generally re-

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which this dangerous agent had been administered, and much credit was due

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the result of his experience in a conscientious manner.