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the pelvic muscles and thus render the forcing upward of the peri-
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as low as the bifurcation of the trachea, or even (according to Wagner) down
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The color of the urine differs widely in different cases. It may resemble
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of other remedies which are believed to act on the cardiovascular
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during 1860 was 29,623 ; ditto, 1861, 28,859 ; ditto, at the pre-
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* Dr. Billings is Director of Psychiatry Residency Training at the Ochsner
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tion : Vivisection and Sexual Psychopathy," the sub-
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in the good results after operations on patients who^ on accoimt of
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they were administered in such a way that the shock
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town of Yokohama is one of very great interest, as affording
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is said to be " a crystalline substance containing phosphorus, iodine,
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the time these glands are enlarged, and during the process of
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distinctions, nor even in the acquirement of wealth, but
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1 drachm of albumin per pint. He had chronic nephritis, because the duration of
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perature at which the proteids of these heart-muscles
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surfaces in the immediate vicinity of the gall-bladder.
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for some reason or other, medical literature could be
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and to all cases in which lithotrity is appropriate.
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hy election who are senior to them on the list of Fellows,
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For full literature or samples address, Knoll &
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