various other sources seemed to indicate that it would be possible to publish

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board, made in pursuance of this act for the government

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spinocerebellaris ventralis, the spinal lemniscus of Herrick or the tractus spino-

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to stimulate in the officers so chosen, a desire to be

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caused, as well as' because of the unusual severity of the

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that there is generally amenorrhoea, and not nnfrequently leucorrhoea ;

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was found to be extremely rich in rosettes and single forms. The same result

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a very light disease. The cause of that I cannot explain.

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ments not only in the history, where the corrected data are

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made their complaints to the head, which is the organ or seat of

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Government. He was a very close observer, a most enthu-

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and lessens inflammation and congestion ; paralyzes the

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^'bilious fever''.) It Is to be borne in mind that the exacerbations of

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nuclein is probably broken up further, so that it is not

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12 underheights who received 5 grams of butter daily

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diagnosed syphilitic enlargement of the left lacrymal

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It is to such skins especially that aseptic technique and

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and, acting on the principle that " discretion is the better part

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the affection of adults than in that of children. In the case just referred

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but it usually does not. The interchange of material

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Art. ni. — On ParahjHis from Braiyi- Disease in tis Com-

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stant contributions are being made to its literary wealth from the

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To obstinate constipation^ failing other means, it seems well adapted ; and

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apparatus for sensory appreciations in so far as they do not belong to the " higher" senses (sight,

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wise, show one or two nearly circular coloured rings near the centre, and an

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impressions affecting foetal nutrition by their influence

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until you reach the superficial fascia and come to the

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vein is the greatest danger as regards immediate results,

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right kidney is quite commonly associated with atony, he maintained

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Min ^ arTfrequently called upon to act as .witnesses in civil and criminal

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fainter, but being still audible at the point of the shoulder. An-

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more rapidly than arsenic, and that the " cure " is as much a " cer-