tinue this once a day, at the time for the regular injections.

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in a reasonable time he goes out, and somebody else takes

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ethmoid cells, as shown by the projecting and swollen

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The experiments of Weleminsky, Harbitz, v. Behring, Bartel, and

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Case XHI.— M. B., aged twenty-six years, was admitted to the

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must attribute its effects in stopping the rigor and lengthening the in-

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saliva establishes the fact that he has pneumonia."

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or against the larynx, still further by ulceration and rupture of these

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judge when certain drugs were called for, and then say

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While professing to be guided by the highest motives,

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In perforating gastric or dvodenai ulcer there is a history of pain after eating,

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ordinary means can be made subservient, there is often an interval

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surgical treatment, is a matter of course. The expert surgeon is not

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are, I believe, very strongly contra-indicated, except in

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Morbid Anatomy. — After death petechiae are found to be as widely distributed

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him the necessity of putting his property into decent sani-

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ally tested by animal inoculation. As the virulence of

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