narrow bistoury to the bottom, and incise the walls of

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fither to large or small abscesses; also to the joints, either of the hip or feet,

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et des humeurs des typhiques. Bull. Acad, de med.. Par.,

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eharacterised by disappearance of fat, with accumulation of leucocytes

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tumour was found firmly adherent to the abdominal wall. As

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nial acceptance of the iuvitation issued pursuant to the

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form, or when the patient is anaemic, mercurials must be carefully

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case and its character of unsoundness in another. The former

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In this old centre of Dutchmen's wealth and power our man Antony

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increase in the number of l^'mphocytes. On Monday, Feb-

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speculative theory. This tendency, though occasionally visible

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encircled by a Meckel's diverticulum, the tip being attached to the base.

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in thr spinal fluid, or its toxins reach the cord, the final stage of

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W. Bdtler, Wellsburg, Va., September 12, aged 77 years. —

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normal way of living. She did a little more each day with apparently no

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the Hippocratic countenance, while the Hippocratic oath

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had been sent to Margate for bronchitis and haemoptysis and that the

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patent medicines? Time's i: lieg., N. Y. & I'hila., 1892,

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tion being necessary. The patient is not yet fully recovered. A