blurred vision, burning eyes, faintness, hypotension, shortness of

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urine and need only pass it three or four times a day.

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and that is the power of suggestion. I did not mention that in my paper —

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Physician-in-Chief, Pennsylvania Hospital for the Insane ; Honorary

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nostic point s are an excessive secretion of urine with a low specific gravity,

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power of the earth or water ; but it is also necessary that the

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To John Henry Watson, of the City of Toronto, in the County of York.

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this patient presented the peculiar gastro-intestinal

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especially, men of high culture, very, very poor indeed.

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or beginning peritonitis. If observed on the second or third day after

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author had observed, after from four to six weeks, a perfect

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The obituaries are in good taste. The print, paper, and proof-reading, all are

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gestion, anaemia, inflammation, dropsy, haemorrhage, tumor,

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The first sensation following the application of the acid may be a

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some of the cases the apparent thrombosis occurred in

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and its presence implies an escape of the secretion into the

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pended annually to aid in conducting teachers' institutes.

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the general feeling was in favour of using mercury in the treatment of

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escharotic action is desired on sloughing tissues. Ordinarily