to learn that the diseased process extended through the brain.

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3. Date of Birth. The age is important in many ways: it determines the

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tant thing to be considered. I always insist that an anesthetic

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drops of the patient's blood, diluted Avith normal saline solution,

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to the lateral column, when loss of motion is the result, as if

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at arm's length, or who has stood at "attention" during a prolonged

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event ; whether the inflammation was at first idiopathic, or de-

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Xo distinction was made between cholera and choleraic

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Christmas. In order to prevent relapses, Sydenham, who bled

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On March 4, while the girl was still an in-patient, I admitted

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liver. Paracentesis should be performed when required; often this

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red-violet 4 alone, however, may be produced by skatol or indol coloring-

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descent of the pulse-wave can be estimated only by means of the sphyg-

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Fii^ l!i._To measure the angle of flexion, the line'A B should have followed (he lii

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ral, gave her two scruples of ergot in a wine-glassful of bran-

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were almost entirely on the side of the ample incisions.

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dose every three or four hours. To aid in overcoming the cer-

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practically all cases of true typhoid fever, but it is clear from what has

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other department, there is neither doubt nor question. We all agree

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by severe investigation, we shall go on in the old way.

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aggerated knee-jerks, and perhaps ankle clonus ; but sometimes there is

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uous suture, and commended it h^hly. Dr. A. Martin *

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The following details should also be mentioned : Distinct patches are