as they pass outward to the intervertebral foramina.

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It is not, however, pathognomonic of the affection, being also found in

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it is somewhat more conspicuous, and therefore it can

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moval of the useless swinging lung, at or near its root,

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iBattelH and Taramaslo: ace. de Biol., Vol. llv, p. 815.

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matter in such pouches. He had seen a case where a large im-

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of the irritative effect, so that this old procedure loses its value. Ex-

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belse, Brux., 1897, xlix, 177; 185. — Pelon (H.) Sero-

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instance of the Woman’s Club, merchants pledged monthly contributions, as did

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often wanting or not elicitable, and therapeutic tests are

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and Greenwich streets. I did not see him till about twenty minutes aficr

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scarcely available for practical purposes. We must, at any rate, allow of the

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complete. A subscription was commenced by Sir Henry

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different glands and systems of vessels, deserve to be investiga-

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Spherical cells tending to form grape-like clusters, more rarely

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no new development of muscle, that if we had not seen

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upon the humdrum routine of daily practice. Our profession too often

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Majesty indicated her desire that the funds should be devoted

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This he had accordingly done. The instrument was pronounced to be invalid.

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the normal; exceptionally a mild nephritis may be observed.

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other case was free from suffering six months after treatment, but

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being naturally flaccid in a child so young, every condition was present for

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may be the chief cause of retarding the progress of the labor, when

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sults. The strongest plea for the use of light energy, if plea